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What's the difference between Soul Mates and Twin Flames?

So I just did a two part TikTok video responding to a comment explaining the differences between Soul Mates and Twin Flames, but seeing as I am currently shadow banned and the videos are sat at a whopping zero views, I am just gonna write it all here as well. (Plus writing it all done here allows me to get it all out clearly and concisely without me having to say the word um.)

So if you are on your awakening journey you have definitely heard the term Twin Flame floating about a lot. It has been the subject of much conversation on peoples spiritual journeys over the last couple years but with that has come a lot of misinformation. On the other hand, the term Soul Mate is one of those phrases that have been floating around in our vocabulary and stories for quite some time and is a bit more general knowledge to everyone, not just those on their spiritual path. But what does each one mean really and what are the differences between the two.

Let's start with Soul Mates shall we.

When people think of Soul Mates they usually think of a lover. They often reference or give examples of certain animals who pick just the one partner and mate for life. There's this idea that your Soul Mate is this one person who is your one and only, but that is simply not true. The word Mate literally just means friend, giving instead the literal translation of a Soul Friend.

But these aren't just any old friends, they are other souls who are connected deeply to yours. They can be actual Soul family outside of your current physical body or Souls you have made particular pacts and contracts with to help support each others journeys whilst in this physical 3D space. They may also be Souls who you have incarnated with previously. Souls who have acted as; Mothers, Brothers, Partners and Friends in other life times. Those friends that your refer to as your Brothers from other Mothers or your Soul Sisters etc. may in fact have been your brothers or sisters in a lifetime before.

It's those people who come along and light up your life and make you feel at most ease in life. Being in their presence literally warms your heart and makes it glow; and embraces with them often feel healing or like magic. They are the kind of people that when they walk into your life you feel like you have known them for years already. The ones who just fit into your life effortlessly like they were meant to be there, written so seamlessly into the story of you that they become integral, almost like it was all contracted to be that way before you came here.

You can actually have so many Soul Mates and the older soul that you are and the more incarnations you have had, the more soul connections and mates you will most likely have. Some of them choose to be a part of your life forever, some only come in for a little bit to help teach you something or awaken something within you when you need it; but each one comes into your life to share so much love and soul magic with you.

Now many will turn and tell you that a Twin Flame is a super special soul mate, that they fit the typical description of a Soul Mate. That soul who is your Divine Counterpart and your be all end all great love and romance, but that is simply not true. A Twin Flame is in fact far more complicated and rare than that and is definitely a relationship that is far from the sunshine, rainbows and fairy-tale ending you expect. It's actually a very difficult relationship and isn't one to be sought out lightly unless you really want to push yourself, break soul cycles and help advance your souls growth and vibration at a rapid speed.

So let's break this down into the two words. The Flame part is the easy part. That's the spark, the energy of light, that visual representation of the soul. Your Soul is what gives you life. Like the tiny flickering flame in the boiler of your house, it keeps you warm, igniting your body and it's passion and gives power and consciousness to your body.

Now the Twin bit is exactly as it says on the tin. In the same way one egg can divide in the womb resulting in identical twins, over time that soul energy that exists outside of the physical body and our three dimensional plane, can also split up and divide over time. After all, it is a fluid ball of energy that is easily manipulated and divided or combined like floaty light of plasma. So to summarise a Twin Flame is a divided version of the same Soul Energy that you come from and gives you life.

Unlike Soul Mates, of which you can have many, you typically only have the one Twin Flame and to find them or even be aware of them in the world is extremely rare. Just like identical Twins, Twin Flames are a mirror image of each other on the inside. Although you may not look the same on the outside or even be close to each other in age, you may find that you both have extremely similar thoughts, opinions and personality traits. You will most like have similar trauma experiences and even emotional flaws, this is what can make a relationship (either a friendship or something more romantic) really difficult.

Because they are a mirror of your soul, they reflect back all the faults you have with yourself. All the things you find triggering or irritating all come as reflections of your own unhealed trauma and insecurities, making these relationships very emotional and conflict heavy. For all the things that draw you to that person and bring you comfort and familiarity, there will also be a lot of clashing, especially if the internal divine male and female counterparts that live within the souls are not balanced enough for the union to work. This can result in a cycle of coming together and then separating again allowing time for the trauma to be highlighted and then distance for healing. The likelihood of a Twin Flame pairing coming together and staying together without having a distance period for healing and growth is very rare but is not completely impossible if the duo are aware of their connection and are willing to put the work in together.

Twin Flames are not inherently romantic. They can be unions formed as friends or can potentially show themselves as family members. They are also not exclusively separate gender identities like some may think. Your Twin Flame may very much have the same gender identity as you. Although a healed pair can make a good strong couple, an unhealed pair that wants a romantic connection, will often have an on again off again type of relationship.

A healed and aware companionship between Twin Flames can also come with extra perks when related to the individuals sixth sense. A healed Soul is an enlightened soul that works at a more relaxed and higher vibration allowing for other abilities linked with a souls ascension and the 4/5D to occur. A healed Twin Flame partnership may find telepathic ways to communicate with each other and have a heightened intuition when it comes to the other. This is also something discussed about regular Twins and their telepathy and connection to one another due to their shared connection and experiences in the womb.

Overall a Twin Flame pairing is a difficult relationship and not one to be sought out lightly, unless you are willing to deal with the hurt, trauma, cycle breaking and healing for ones own soul that comes along with it.

In conclusion your Twin Flame match isn't that be all end all, happily ever after perfect one love you are being told to look for, nor is it as common as some online may lead you to believe. But as for your Soul Mates, you have plenty of them who will provide perfect and happy long lasting relationships for you, that will bring you the most happiness, joy and comfort in this life.

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