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The Star Seed Collective Mission (The Chosen Ones)

We are living in some of the darkest times for humanity right now, but there is hope. I'm sure you are familiar with the phrase "It's always darkest before the dawn", well that time is now. Many Star Seeds are currently incarnated at this time to help with the transition of the human race into it's next phase.

Have you always felt like you were meant for more? Have you dreamt of having a platform in the spotlight? That's because, that is what your soul came here to do, to be a bright shining star and beacon of hope during these dark times.

There are currently so many Star Seeds incarnate at this time, who have come to shine their light and show the way for the next generations. These are strong resilient beings who have lived many lifetimes both on Earth and off world, learning, exploring and gaining knowledge to be shared throughout the galaxies. However coming to Earth and having a human body isn't easy. The energetic vibrations on this planet are very dense and heavy and it is very easy, when you are born, to forget who you are or what your soul mission or missions are. A lot of that dark energy and those lingering cycles that date all the way back to the fall of Atlantis; and possibly even further back to the start of the Orion Wars, keeps everyone's energy feeling heavy and the idea of only believing in what you can see, rules our way of thinking. There are those who feel this so strongly that they lash out at anyone who tries to argue with their view so they can exploit the power they feel there in the darkness. This causes many Star Seeds to hide themselves and their abilities, but all that they know and learnt hasn't been forgotten, it just makes it come out in different sneaky ways; hope hiding under a cloak of invisibility in the form of a single word... Fiction.

For years now we have believed in the phrase "the pen is mightier than the sword". The spoken word, a single story or idea when placed in a person in the right way can be powerful. I think of Martha Jones' quest across the globe telling the story of the Doctor. A story of hope and the power of a single word said and thought by everyone on the planet at the same time to save him and each other. I think of Inception and the effect of how an idea buried so deep in the brain can change the course of a life and even the world. Everything you know as a Star Seed still lives in you, buried deep, it just needs the right trigger to activate and unlock it. This is where the job of the Pleiadeans comes in.

They are the artists, the lovers, those who love to dance around, tell stories, act, make music, enjoy the finer things in life and everything being in a physical body has to offer. They come with a creative talent and even if they don't realise they are consciously using it, they still end up using it for the purpose they intended, which is to make art and continue to share stories and provide hope for the masses; and to wake up their fellow Star Seeds, whether by visual recognition or from the content they create. However change doesn't happen over night, instead it comes in drips, then a trickle before becoming a full on stream until there is enough water to drown or wash away the old to bring in the new.

Pleiadeans have been incarnating in waves and creating art that has changed and shaped generations for centuries and now is no different. We are organised in waves. Those who are stronger coming in at some of the darkest times. They fight through the dark channelling the space around them and creating art that goes on to inspire the next wave, they too then fight through the darkness but this time there are more of them. They too collaborate and make art that will inspire the next wave, until before you know it, there's a whole new lighter and creative world with fresh views and inspiration that changes how we live as a whole.

In the past we have needed to influence those higher up, telling stories to Kings and Queen's who shape nations, but now art has a royalty all its own. Thanks to the inventions that brought us moving pictures and radios, getting art to the masses has become a lot more easier. The arts industry is thriving and has royalty all of its own who often garner much more influence and respect than the actual Royalty who still exist today, I mean there's a reason many refer to Beyoncé as Queen B. But how do we remember and take our place and do our bit. Like I said right at the beginning all it takes is one story, one idea, one narrative buried deep. It's the story of the chosen one.

The story of the Chosen One has been hidden in various texts and stories for years. Stories of those who are outsiders who are thrust into new situations and positions of power and influence, who come along and act as their true selves and illuminate the way for those currently stuck or supressed. Think Jesus, Moses, King Arthur, Robin Hood, Alice and Dorothy, Bilbo and Frodo, the Pevensie children, Anakin, Luke & Rey Skywalker, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Katniss Everdeen and so many more. We each have one or even multiple chosen one stories we feel attached to. Every single one of them starting off as a nobody who are suddenly taken thrust into the spotlight and important causes. Who help motivate the masses, who are able to wield great power because they are pure of heart and defeat darkness. Many also have the task of defeating their own darkness and trauma first so that they can lead by example; whether that's familial and generational trauma, poverty or other kinds of mistreatment. They all know what it's like to be at the bottom, it's what gives them their perspective and allows them to see the change needed in the world.

But as we know, that change doesn't happen overnight, it's all about those drips that grow into trickles, that turn to streams and then floods. For many years these valuable tools have been kept in control by those powerful white men at the top who have followed the ways of capitalism and exploited the system to the point of breaking point where we find ourselves now. They controlled the money and the studios; who get's hired, which projects get funded, but as time has gone on we have seen that relax. There's no doubt that for many when they look at the defining points of the industry there is before Star Wars and after Star Wars. It was one of the most innovative pieces of cinema and sparked hope for many. It was and still is the turning point for many Star Seeds and their journeys. Whether he realises it and it was all intentional or not, I'm yet to find out, George Lucas was able to tap into our history as Star Seeds and be the voice that told the story of the light side, dark side battle in the most clear obvious and authentic way. It reminded so many star seeds of their history at a soul level and helped give hope and guide them on their journey.

Another early on industry Star Seed is Walt Disney. He built himself up from nothing, created a whole new genre of film. He retold those fairy tales, reminding us of the lessons within them and providing hope for many. But he wasn't just an animated cartoon man. As soon as he had the money to, he branched out into documentary making, showing off our beautiful planet and the people within it. And let's not forget about how he created a whole theme park to provide escapism, hope and encourage fun and creativity. But he wasn't just a story man, he was a technology man and found those who would make huge advancements in both cinema production, robotics and so much more. Despite some of his flaws and questionable methods (who isn't influenced by the society and time they live in), Walt Disney was without a doubt a visionary star seed doing his best at a dark time and encouraging and paving the way for so many after him.

We look at the comic book industry and Stan Lee and the countless stories he told in an accessible way that encouraged generations; and still does with their on screen adaptations. Captain America, the everyday scrawny guy from Brooklyn who just hated bullies. The X-Men and Avengers all different and powerful individuals who when they work together make up for each other's flaws and work as a great team to save the world time and time again.

As more stories reach and empower star seeds generation after generation, they provide not only hope, but change the world. Young hopefuls see these stories and say I want to do my bit and contribute and make more of these stories. As more Star Seeds enter the industry or advance into higher roles, more new comers get opportunities to shine. We have seen over the last few years these changes with the me too movement and people talking about those in the industry who have, or continue to abuse power, having light shone on their darkness and it being cast out, allowing room for more diversity in the industry and other stories to be told. Stories that go on to inspire more hope for change. Black stories, LGBTQ+ stories, Women's stories, stories that highlight our emotions and allow us to relearn how to deal with them and heal.

There is no coincidence that Phase 4 of the MCU is so inclusive. Why we have the story of breaking the sacred timeline. It's a metaphor for the capitalist masculine harsh, one size and label fits all, narrative that has been running for generations that needs to be broken. It shows that everyone is different and has something different to say that helps everyone not just the few. This is why there is also such uproar, people shouting and throwing their toys out of the pram, because they have benefitted from the sacred timeline and darkness. It's time to continue spreading the light.

Thanks to the rise in social media it is so much easier for Star Seeds to be seen and heard a plucked from obscurity. Musicians who are able to post their songs on Youtube or TikTok and be signed by record labels such as Justin Bieber. People who are good with animation and graphics posting their videos and being hired by companies within the industry. The rise in reality shows like the X Factor, Pop Idol or the Voice allowing for more people, who are seen as nobody's, getting their chance to be seen and heard not just for their talent but their stories. Fan Fiction writers who have become full on authors in their own rights. This movement only continues to grow and inspire hope.

And this is the question, if this industry can change so easily in the space of 50 years, what other industries and establishments can change. We provide hope for other Star Seeds and individuals so that they can heal and express themselves and shine their light for their local communities. Changing conversations about Race and Love, Politics and Money. Current outrage from those lower down about their current governments the UK and Borris Johnson right now or even America and everything that has been stirred up because of Trump. The Black Lives Matter movement, Global Warming activists, Gay Pride, their current protests and actions are also shaking up the conversations we are having and making us question the one narrative we have been living by for so many years. A new change is on the horizon, Hope is here.

So what can you do? What's your purpose? Right now, it's to discover who you are. To be able to heal and accept yourself fully. To call all the pieces of you home. To have hope and believe. To create change, just from living by your authentic self and truth. You are a Star Seed and when you honour that, you begin to shine bright and others will take notice of that. Be that hope and light the world needs to see.

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