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Let's Talk: MCU Phase 4

I've said it in posts before and I will continue to shout it until the world ends; it is no coincidence that phase 4 of the MCU is telling the stories that it is. So let's dig into them a little bit and see how they relate to the star seed mission.

I have touched on certain storytellers and star seeds before who's job it is to be the storytellers and to get our stories out. I am still yet to get into the industry myself and work out how many of them are awake and their projects intentional; but either way, these stories are imbedded in our hearts, souls, genetic make up and memories. When we create we are channelling the same abilities, energy and power of the God consciousness and the creator and tapping into that so freely, allows these stories to flow through the energy and onto a writers page. If you've ever been struck with sudden inspiration and felt the creative flow, you will know how freeing and incredible that is. It also means you don't necessarily have to be "awake" within your star seed consciousness to do the work.

I've said before that many star seeds have come to the Earth at this time ready for the next great planetary shift and to try to heal our world. I firmly believe that the best chance we have of doing that is through the stories we create and tell and the knowledge we get out to people, even if people don't fully realise how real it all is. The truth is in fiction after all. But how does this relate to the fourth phase of the MCU.

The MCU Phase 4 leans very heavily on the idea and notion of moving away from a single "sacred" timeline and exploring the idea of there being multiple universes and timelines. This can be seen reflected in our own world in many ways. If you are part of the star seed awakening and new age practices, you are probably very familiar with the ideas of there being multiple universe and that you can hop your consciousness from one to another to align with the reality you. This is also referred to as manifestation. However it's not just in new age practice. It also links back to some of Stephen Hawkins' theories and there is even a telescope that was sent out which starting to support and find evidence of this theory. However it doesn't stop there.

The sacred timeline can also be seen as a metaphor for our society and how we have been living as a species. People are so quick to scream that everyone and everything is "woke" nowadays, just because we are finally beginning to talk about and accept minority groups. Those who have been silenced by the 'Straight White' narrative, that has been pushed heavily as being the blueprint of human life within the western world for the last few hundred years. It's taken a very long time to get to this point and there is still a ways to go yet, but we are living in a time that allows more humans from different backgrounds, races, genders, sexualities and 'disabilities' to have a say and be contributing and respected cogs in our over all society, more than ever before.

But it isn't just the idea of breaking away from the timeline. Despite many critics hating on it, Eternals also touches on the idea. It also begins to tell the story of other beings coming to our world to help nurture the human race, protect and heal it. Souls and beings who inhabit humanoid looking bodies who have different abilities that help the evolution of the human race. It is a story very much rooted in and linked with that of the Star Seed story and why many of us came to the Earth.

Eternals also shows characters who are diverse in looks, gender and sexuality. Those who have spread out across the globe over time, living many lives and being pillars for their parts of the world. It's a story that spans many years and civilisations and touches on periods of time that we don't talk about enough that may hold other stories and secrets long forgotten, that may show us the way forward. It mentions certain artefacts such as Excalibur or the emerald tablet; all things that need to be relooked at and analysed to find the way forward for humanity.

As we move forward the MCU is also going to include the X-Men and the story of mutants. Those with genetic DNA that has evolved and given them special abilities. We are slowly seeing this integrate into our own world as we look further into those of us who are neurodivergent and who's brains are programmed differently; but if you are a star seed or new age practitioner you know that other abilities are in fact possible too, when we raise our vibrations high enough. For anyone who has done research on the lost lands and attempted to track our civilisations back further than what historians have proved, many would know of Lumeria and the abilities that beings had in the early days when we were more in tune with the energy around us and nature and lived at a higher vibration. We could communicate telepathically (this is why some people now still have this fear around others reading their mind, because there was a time when we could), we could astral project our consciousness and energy to other places and planets (some have tapped into this now and also the multiverse through the movement of 'shifting'), being able to move things with our minds and energy via telekinesis and also being able to manipulate energy with our hands, was also possible. I am very intrigued to see what mutant stories the MCU tells going forward.

Phase 4 doesn't just stop there though. Although we have discussed God's before with the likes of Thor, Loki and Odin in earlier phases of the MCU, Phase 4 is gonna take us down a different road when it comes to Gods and how they link to our civilisation in the form of the Disney+ show Moon Knight.

Disney has so far shied away from the topic of Ancient Egypt across all of it's properties and as a soul with heavy ties back to Ancient Egypt myself, I am very excited to see where this goes; not to mention how they tackle the main characters DID (dissociative identity disorder). And don't even get me started on the significance of Oscar Isaac playing the lead role. I have no doubt I will go further in depth about this series and it's importance to the star seed mission in a few weeks time when it airs and I have the narrative to unpick.

This is only the beginning though as the industry continues to evolve and more star seeds enter it with their own stories to tell. We can already see from the end credits of the Eternals and the use of Excalibur, that at some point in the near future we will be revisiting the story of Avalon, Arthur, the Sword and the roundtable. Another tale that is close to my own past lives and star seed journey; and a story that will hold a lot of guidance for our civilisation going forward, what with the continued unrest and fall of the current capitalist society people are struggling with. There is hope out there. The blue print for a new world is living within our stories, we just need to be able to see them.

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