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The Ultimate Energy Aligning Playlist!

The vibrations we give out to the Universe are very much linked to our emotions. One of the greatest tools we have that allow us to tap into our emotions and the powerful energy they hold is through music. I've already spoken before about my habit of hoarding playlists and the benefits of being able to jump back into certain moments in my life through the music and emotions I attached to songs at the time; today I want to tap into those songs and lyrics that uplift and motivate.

The songs and lyrics we listen to all affect our energy and our brains programming. If you only ever listen to heartbreak songs, likely hood is you're gonna have a bleak outlook on love and getting back out there and finding the one again because you've trained your brain to associate that with heartache, betrayal, failure and hurt. However if you are listening to music and lyrics that encourage hope and happiness, you're going to raise your vibration to match that and the universe is going to align you with that. It's almost like a magnet. The universe doesn't understand over thinking or thoughts, its works from the heart space and what you are feeling. So here is a run down of some of my favourite energy boosting songs and their uplifting, empowering lyrics.

Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield

This is it. This is THE song that really helped me kick off my healing journey. One of the biggest parts of my healing journey has been reclaiming some of the pop songs I loved to sing at the top of my lungs whilst dancing around my childhood/teenage bedroom. As I dove deeper into the lyrics with my adult brain and married those feelings with the joyful ones of my youth, I began to feel empowered and inspired. Natasha Bedingfield's Unwritten is definitely one of those songs.

It's lyrics remind you to stay present in the moment. That you are in control in your life. The blank pages in your life are yours to fill and that they haven't been written yet. That you are the author of your story and decide what gets written on each page; so why not enjoy your life.

It's upbeat melody is also great for dancing around your home while your making your coffee or with a gin and lemonade; or even belting out with your friends to recapture some of that 2000s nostalgia. It's an instant vibe booster.

Bring It All Back by S Club 7

As someone who was born in 1996, British Pop groups were my life; from The Spice Girls, to Steps and of course S Club. Although Reach would be the run away school disco hit, it's actually Bring It All Back that means so much more to me. The lyrics are uplifting, paired with a catchy pop beat. It's almost easy to discredit cheesy pop songs of having any emotional connection because they feel so surface level, but as I grow older I find that completely untrue. This is a song that encourages you to be yourself no matter what anyone else says; and to use that to "bring it all back to you". It get's you dancing and once again in those nostalgic vibes, but once again with that adult brain, it's message means so much more. "When the world tries to put you down, just walk on by, don't turn around. You only have to answer to yourself."

It reminds you that some times bad things happen but they often happen for a reason; and that's just how life goes. So pick yourself off, brush yourself off, dance it out and get back out there and get everything you want out of life.

Grab Life by Jerry Williams

A more modern indie track from an up and coming artist, Grab Life by Jerry Williams is a peppy indie track that gets you moving and feels like sunshine to listen to. It's another one of those songs that reminds you that sometimes bad things happen, but it doesn't mean you have to let it get you down.

It comes with that reminder of "soon enough now you'll be dead" so do you really want to waste your days waiting for something to happen to you, or do you want to go out and make something happen instead. I mean, you can watch the sun from the comfort of your bed or sofa; or you can get out in it, run about and feel it on your skin. You can be alone, or you can invite people to go out and enjoy it with you and make some memories you can look back on, when you are on your death bed, with fondness; and not feel like you've wasted your life.

Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles

My favourite song of all time that has followed me throughout my life; Here Comes The Sun by the Beatles is a classic. It's an uplifting song with an easy melody that feels like sunshine and reminds you that the sun will come out again.

Sometimes life makes us feel like we are stuck in a "long cold lonely winter" but after every winter is spring and the promise and hope of new life and sunshine. It validates our melancholy and pain at times and reminds us it doesn't last and that in the end, things will be alright. It's one of those songs that are great when you are a little low and need a bit of hope, but don't want to go crazy and start dancing around your kitchen. It's like a smooth shot of sunshine straight to the heart.

Stand Out by Tevin Campbell (From A Goofy Movie)

One of those songs that pumps you up and encourages you to be you unapologetically. To stand up for yourself and to take those risks and Stand Out. When you link it back to the movie as well and Max using this as a song to step up into his confidence in front of the whole school is also very empowering.

Also it's got one of those beats you can't not at least tap your foot or bob your head to. It gets you moving and grooving; and boosting some of that positive energy that's just magnetic.

Born This Way by Lady GaGa

Similar to the previous song, this is definitely one of those belters that helps you to love yourself and recognise your own power. We aren't all supposed to be carbon copies of one another, we are all meant to be different, individual and beautiful in our own way; and no one gets that more than the Mother Monster herself. You were born the way you were for a reason, embrace the power that comes from that.

Keep On Movin' by Five

Another one of those British pop group songs from my childhood. Another school disco favourite from the 2000s and reminder that of course there are gonna be downs in life, but it's all about how you pick yourself up, brush yourself off and keep moving forward.

It's a reminder that no matter how hard things get you can always turn it around again.

Almost There by Anika Noni Rose (From The Princess & The Frog)

Tiana's story is one that is linked so strongly in my head with the art of manifestation. She is constantly keeping her dream in mind and letting it guide her forward; and she knows that with every day that passes and every action she makes towards her goal, it brings her closer to what it is she wants. Find your dream and let it give you hope and motivate you. Tiana knows better than anyone else, not everyone's gonna get it at first but as long as you hold the vision, other people will see it too. Just be sure you don't do a Tiana and hold on too tight and forget to trust and have fun with your friends along the way.

I'm Still Standing by Elton John

A song that came after a very tumultuous time in his life, I'm Still Standing is very much a song about bouncing back and pushing through after hardship. When everyone else wants to bring you down, you get up for yourself and the person you used to be, you stand tall, pick up the pieces and go and prove them all wrong. It also helps that it's a catchy and colourful tune, dancing is always a sure fire way to shake off any residual energy, be present and get happy.

Bet On It by Zac Efron (From High School Musical 2)

I left the best until last. I dare anyone to go and find a large field (or if you want to be true to the movie a golf course) and blast this and not find yourself running and jumping about, just like Troy Bolton and reclaiming your power. Just like a lot of other songs on this list, it acknowledges the hard times and validates those feelings and helps transmute them into something more hopeful, encouraging and inspiring.

This song is truly transformative and allows you to take your own feelings, follow Troy's narrative; to see the outside pressure from everyone else and make you want to step up for yourself instead. At the end of the day, the people around you are just trying to encourage you to use your time wisely and do something in your life that makes YOU feel proud of it at the end of the day.

These are just 10 songs from the many that make up my The Force Is With Me playlist, which you can find here on Spotify. Stay tuned for more empowering playlist highlights coming soon; and don't forget to let me know what your uplifting hits are. Until next time, you can find me blasting these songs and dancing in my kitchen while I make dinner.

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