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Life isn’t about finding yourself. It’s about creating yourself.

Here’s The


All though the category of this page is about life it doesn’t specifically mean my life. So although you may find the odd post about my life specifically, such as what I’m reading or listening to or how my mental health is getting on, you will also find many posts and opinions on life generally.

Whether that’s posts on feminism and being a woman, being a millennial, mental health, money and budgeting, life lessons and more.

Here is the place where I hope to open up discussions on just the basic fundamentals of being a human. Everyday we continue to learn, grow and causing us to constantly form new opinions. I hope these posts highlight that. I wish to use this space to talk about those things that aren’t normally talked about and use these posts as a way to educate not just others but also myself.

I hope there will be something here for everyone to enjoy.


I Can’t Stop Listening to These Songs

I have always prided myself on listening to music and artists that are different to what everyone else is listening to. Whether that's because the artist is new and up and coming or just because I like old music and iconic songs from decades past. So here is just an insight into some of the songs that have been on repeat for me recently. Waste - Dove Cameron[...]


The BEST Life Advice from S Club 7

Growing up as a child in the late 90s and early 00s, I spent my fair share of times listening to and dancing about my bedroom to pop groups. From belting out the girl power lyrics from the Spice Girls whilst jumping on my bed to copying the dance routines from my favourite Steps videos, it was a big part of my childhood. But as a young child although I could sing[...]


Is This my Favourite Album of The Year?

Normally if I am talking about music I'm normally talking about artists who have been around for some time and probably were really big in the 70s or the decades either side, or some new up and coming indie band no one else has heard of that fits with my easy going retro indie rock and roll life. But the woman I want to talk about today is an exception to modern[...]


New Season Goals

So suddenly we find ourselves in September... What? I know how did that happen. August and therefore the summer flew by like the blink of an eye and now the kids are going back to school and TK Maxx is plugging all the Halloween merch it can before even the supermarkets start getting in their first few bits for Christmas. Yes Christmas it comes around quicker and[...]


What I read Over The Summer

I have always been a bit of a book worm however over the last few years my reading habits have become a bit, well none existent. Always taking a book away on holiday and never really reading it or finishing the book, falling back in love with reading then not continuing to read. Lets just say the last couple of years have seen a few books being left on my bedside tab[...]


Introducing Rock n’ Roll Madona!

Hello one and all, and welcome to my brand new blogging alter ego... Rock'n'Roll Madona. I've wanted to start taking my blog and writing more seriously for a while now but have always struggled on what I wanted to post, say and create. I feel like over the last few months things have really been falling into place for me when it comes to my creative pursuits and[...]


Work with me

If you’ve liked something you’ve read, or have something you’d love to contribute, I’d love the opportunity to work with you.