So I live in the UK and we’ve been in lockdown for quite a few weeks now and although things are slowly starting to ease up I am still finding myself stuck indoors alone a lot (seriously though I am scared to and refuse to leave our flat on my own). I, like many others, have been suffering with the rollercoaster that is the lockdown blues, one day I’m okay and able to get up and get on with things and day I am refusing to rise from my bed before 5pm, wanting to spend as much time in dreamland as possible. But when I am in a good mood its probably due to one of these things on this list. So here’s a list of things that have been boosting my mood during lockdown.

1. Musicals

It’s no secret to those who know me that I love a musical. From growing up with the Disney Classics, going to see my first West End show (it was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang), to finding shows I loved enough to see multiple times (my Wicked count so far is 3), musicals have always held a place in my heart. Nothing fills me with more joy than discovering new shows or belting out songs from my favourites in my car, show or kitchen and sometimes in the washing up area at work. The show I’ve been singing along to most during this time though has been Six which is a show all about Henry VIII’s wives. The Tudors was my favourite subject at school and I am ashamed it took me so long to really get into this one but now I belt out most of the album if not all of it at least once a day. It makes me feel pumped up and empowered and I can’t wait until everything is open again so I can attempt to actually see the show in person.

2. Playing Dress Up

Another thing that stems from my childhood is I love to play dress up. When I was little I had a big red tub of clothes, along with my wardrobe, in which I could dress up and pretend to be whoever I wanted to be and although the items in my wardrobe are no where near as costume like as the pieces in my big red tub, they are still colourful and awesome and allow me to play dress up in a whole new way. From finding decade appropriate items and dressing for decades past to hunting out potential Disney Bounds, I love embodying all the different characters that live inside me, even if I am just gonna sit on the sofa all day. Putting on a full face of makeup also applies.

3. Disney+

My saving grace of this whole situation was the release of Disney+. I have been able to deep dive into the archive to my hearts content. My favourite content on there though are all the documentaries and docu-series. I love finding out all the behind the scenes tid-bits. From going through the history of my beloved parks with The Imagineering Story to digging up movie artefacts and discussing some of my favourite films with Prop Culture, Disney+ has enabled me to find all things I love about Disney in one place. I’ve also been able to relive my childhood watching shows like Hannah Montana, Lilo and Stitch and Recess whenever I want as well as my favourite Disney Channel Movies, hello Alley Cats and Get A Clue.

In adjacent to Disney+ I’ve also been binge watching Gilmore Girls for the first time on Netflix and I am loving it. Its positive, mushy, girly fun and Lorelai and Rory have the best Mother Daughter relationship. Ben and I also binged the whole of the Netflix original series Hollywood in a matter of days and I can’t wait to do a full review of it as I have major love and feelings for that show. It was so aesthetically pleasing and I long for a house to emulate all those bouji eclectic sets.

4. Food

From baking our leftover Easter chocolate and bananas into brownies to actually doing a weekly shop (before lockdown we were lucky if we did a shop once a month), good food has become so much more of a luxury over these last few weeks. We are eating and making foods that make us happy and I love the days when Ben comes home from work with surprise items like the eclairs that are currently sitting in the fridge waiting to be eaten. Our friend’s also stopped by the other day with a foodie care package complete with sweets and her homemade millionaire shortbread. With treats like these who isn’t happy.

5. A World of Make Believe

Whether its reading, writing or just dreaming nothing makes me happier than feeling like I’m in another world. Escaping is the biggest thing that helps me get through life normally not just through these trying times. I love nothing more than getting lost in a good story whether its one written by somebody else or one I’ve written myself. The feeling like you can do or be whoever you want to be always makes me happy. I recently restarted my quest to finish the Harry Potter series finally completing The Order of the Phoenix after having my bookmark wedged two thirds of the way through it for almost 2 years and now I’m flying through book 6. A few weeks ago I spent a whole night and morning catching up on writing for a story I’ve been working on since last year which made the time fly by and me very happy. And if all else fails me there is always the escape of dreamland (and I don’t mean in the Hollywood show sense). Although I struggle to fall asleep its even more of a struggle trying to make me wake. The idea that our brain feeds us these stories and images whilst our body is unconscious is fascinating and as someone with a huge imagination and love for fiction it is no wonder why I want to stay a sleep and see a dream through as much as possible, unless its a nightmare then those things are vile and I hate having to go through the fight to wake up and then the 10 minute trauma afterwards as I try to reboot my sleep and dream state.

So there are just a few of the things that have been keeping me going during lockdown. What have you guys been turning to, to survive? I am going to try to post a bit more now I am starting to get into a better place and have quite a few post ideas to be getting on with now I know what I want to cover on this blog. So until next time have a wonderful day.