Like I said last week this week was going to be the girls time to shine however we ended up seeing 3 movies this week and the third movie definitely changed the mood of this weeks reviews to one not just about feminism but injustices in general. So let get into it.

Like A Boss

With a cast that consisted of Tiffany Haddish, Rose Byrn and Salma Hayek I expected more from this movie. In a post Me Too world where there is more pressure on female lead productions I have to say I found this movie to be rather cheap and a bit of a let down. I love a good comedy as much as the next person but found many of the jokes in this movie fell flat with the only redeeming jokes coming from Tiffany Haddish’s physical comedy. Although the cast work well together and the concept of the movie has promise the execution I feel was pretty poor and almost felt like a mockery to women in the industry. We were fortunate enough to see this early as a Cineworld Unlimted Member screening in which we were given an extra ticket and took my Dad. This movie actually made me feel ashamed I had asked him to come to see it with us considering the other amazing movies that are currently out in theatres. I feel this movie is best watched with your girlfriends on a night in with lots of gin, not worth the cinema ticket.


Just Mercy

I didn’t know much about this movie before I went to see it maybe having seen the trailer in cinema maybe once or twice prior to us booking and must say after watching it I feel very ashamed to almost have overlooked it. This was the first of two movies we saw in one day both with heavy subject matter about injustice. Based on a true story about racism on death row, this is a film that adds even more fuel to the Black Lives Matter fire which has seen a slew of movies in recent years about how African Americans have been and continue to be treated by law enforcement. This all star cast are incredible as they portray real life people who literally put their lives on the line in the name of justice. This is in no means necessary a light hearted movie and has me questioning its 12A rating in the UK (especially when a couple brought a 4/5 year old girl in to watch the movie with them). This is a movie that will stick with you and make you feel strongly not just for the characters involved but also all the lives that were unjustly taken by racism.



When I first saw a trailer for this movie I had no idea about the Fox News scandal and naively thought this movie was about 3 women all fighting for the same job and was going to be focused more on ageism in the work place with it slightly touching on the degradation of women and how they have to look good to get a role on TV. Oh how wrong I was. I found this movie so much more hard hitting and serious than I thought it to be from the marketing. Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie all give amazing performances as the real women of Fox New who were sexually harassed in the workplace. There are so many levels to the marketing of this movie from the double entendre of the title to the clever marketing that doesn’t give to much away in fear of turning away the men it seeks to teach a lesson. Where I saw Like a Boss as a disgrace for female lead movies this empowered and showed how powerful and serious a female lead film can be. John Lithgow rightfully hides behind heavy makeup once again for his portrayal of lecherous CEO Roger Ailes who is rightfully put to shame all over again. Theron and Robbie ultimately steal the show though with a few simple yet hard hitting scenes each, both very worthy of their award nominations. A definite must see for all, no matter how uncomfortable it makes you.

And there we have another week. Come back next week to find out about all the movies I’m watching this week as we finally close off January and head into a whole new month of movies.