So its been a couple of years since Harry Styles released his debut album away from One Direction but I must say it’s still one of those albums I can’t get enough of. There are very few albums out there where I genuinely love every single song not wanting to skip any and I must say the same feeling has followed through for his follow up Fine Line.

As stated above, due to my love of his debut album and after his Rolling Stone cover, I was hotly anticipating this album and got ever so excited when he began dropping the first singles from it. However I must say it wasn’t what I was expecting. What I thought was going to be an album with a similar tone to that of its predecessor but with heavy influences from 70s Rock, turned out to be more of a laid back album with more of a flower power vibe than old fashioned rock and roll. However this album is still a breath of fresh air in an otherwise computer generated pop world we currently live in.

There is no denying Styles has a thing for fruit with many of his songs baring fruit themed titles. One of my favourite songs from his first album was Kiwi and it seems the fruit them is here to stay with songs such as Watermelon Sugar and Cherry. It’s also a safe bet to say one of his favourite fruits are strawberries name dropping the fruit in the lyrics to not just one but 2 of his debut singles from the album ‘Watermelon Sugar’ and ‘Adore You’.


Similar to those of my other dear music love, Lana Del Rey, Styles’ lyrics are very sensory and visual at times with many hidden/double meanings. One of my favourite singles off the whole album is Cherry. From its opening guitar solo which makes me feel like I’m cycling on back roads passing fields of tall grass on mainland Europe to its beautiful lyrics, which are a bitter sweet love letter to his ex girlfriend, French model Camille Rowe who’s voice features at the end of the song in a dreamlike echo. My favourite thing about this song is the use of the fruit as the song title which gives an extra meaning to his supposed nickname which he continuously references throughout the chorus with Cherry sounding a lot like the French term of endearment Mon Cherie, which means both honey and my good man. This song is so beautiful and easy to listen to and leaves me relaxed and romanticised by its easy guitar riff throughout.


Other notable songs from the album are ‘She’ and ‘Sunflower Vol 6’ which make me fall in love with this album more and more every time I hear them. From the lyrics to melodies these are songs I think about a lot and find myself repeating often. Although all the songs on this album could be seen as romantic slow songs from their bittersweet lyrics, Styles flips the cliché on the head making you want to not dwell on the negative elements of a relationship but remind you to think of all the good times you spent with a person and how those memories made you feel. The whole album is a mostly upbeat/whimsical love letter, perfect to listen to again and again.

So if you still haven’t given this album a listen to yet, I strongly urge you to open up Spotify or YouTube and give it a full listen, I promise you, you will wish you’d listened sooner. It’s only just come out but I know I will be listening to this album for years to come and I already hotly anticipate the next one.