This year I thought I’d include a new series to the blog. As an ex-media student, lover of escapism and Cineworld Unlimited card holder I enjoy watching movies a lot and I have a lot of opinions about them. So this year I will be dedicating a post every week to review all the new movies I see. It’s also a great way of documenting all the films I’ve watched and reminding myself of what I think of them. This weeks movies are: Little Women, Spies in Disguise, The Gentlemen and JoJo Rabbit.

Little Women

So first up we have Little Women which was the last movie we saw of 2019 watching it on the 30th of December making this first week an 8 day week but I just had to include it. With a star studded cast of amazing women this movie left me feeling fulfilled. I had never watched any of the other versions of Little Women and I have never read the novel so I went into this movie completely blind but came out completely in love. It’s so refreshing to see representations of such different women in one movie and their love for one another made me feel empowered and hopeful. The whole cast perform so well that I don’t want to single anyone out as being better but I have to acknowledge Saoirse Ronan’s Jo. As a writer and independent woman myself I resonated so strongly with her character understanding her highs and her lows. Routing for her when she wanted to make her own living as a writer and not wanting to rely on a man at a time where it was still very much expected of you. This movie is directed by Greta Gerwig who also directed Lady Bird, which is another amazing film which I love. I have no idea how she does it but she has a way of making empowered female characters come to life in a realistic and whimsical way, never forced or pushy. Gerwig and Ronan once again prove themselves a force to be reckoned with in a post me too world by creating another wonderful heart warming and female empowering movie. 4/5

Spies in Disguise

When you take two well known action movie stars and place them in an animated comedy about Spies you can’t really go wrong. The characters lend themselves to both Smith and Holland so well with Smith playing the suave veteran spy and Holland the young tech geek trying to make his way in the industry. Its a buddy story with a twist, the twist being one of them gets turned into a pigeon. It’s a light heart animated flick great for all the family with plenty of laughs and cool animated action scenes, not to mention a few interesting gadgets thrown into the mix. 3/5

The Gentlemen

Now this film is one I have been anticipating for months and with a cast like this who can blame me. With a hard 18 rating this is not a movie for the faint of heart. Full of gritty gang violence and a lot of swearing this is a Guy Ritchie film that I feel really lived up to its hype. With so many twists and turns and unpredictable characters you can never tell how the story is going to end up. The way the movie is told through Grant’s character as a private investigator attempting to retell his research as if it were a movie script adding embellishments and witty commentary throughout really sets this movie apart and adds a comedy element to an otherwise great gangster film. 4.5/5

JoJo Rabbit

When I first saw the trailer for this film I was really worried it was going to be potentially offensive with the star studded cast all portraying gaudy German personas however the second time I watched it I realised the real meaning of the film was hidden underneath it. Not everyone is as they seem. This movie made me full of belly laugh as well as provided moments that truly broke my heart. Taika Waititi does an amazing job at bending different genres into one film effortlessly. mixing elements of comedy, drama, romance and even horror and wrapping them up in a war movie package it truly took my breath away. From the writing, to the acting to the set production this film really is a step above the rest and unfortunately one which I feel may get over looked due to the aforementioned comedy elements. Its refreshing to see a positive war movie from the other side of the trench too and representing the people of Germany in a completely different light showing we aren’t all bad. Roman Griffin Davis is a star in this break out role as you follow him on a journey of self discovery as a boy in Nazi Germany. A must watch. 4.5/5

And there we have it. A wrap up of the films I went and watched this week. Let me know if you have seen any of them yourself and what you thought in the comments below, I’d love to talk to you about them.

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