I have always prided myself on listening to music and artists that are different to what everyone else is listening to. Whether that’s because the artist is new and up and coming or just because I like old music and iconic songs from decades past. So here is just an insight into some of the songs that have been on repeat for me recently.

Waste – Dove Cameron

I have been a big Dove Cameron fan for years now ever since I first came across her on Liv and Maddie whilst watching the Disney Channel in my hotel room on a trip to Disneyland Paris. I think she is just an amazing and unique person and I have completely fallen in love with her new music she has released. Both singles, Bloodshot and Waste are incredible but it’s the lyrics of Waste that tip it over the edge for me. It’s a song about having such strong feelings for someone that you would willingly waste all your love and all those feelings on that person. Also with the music itself mixing strings with a modern beat for a catchy hook that stays in your head as well as making you feel like you’re in a dream is just perfect for lazy days driving around in your car singing alone to your favourite songs.

F*ck it I love you – Lana Del Rey

So I recently did a whole post on Lana Del Rey’s new album in which I touched on why I love this song so much in particular in comparison to the other incredible tracks but I just have to mention it again. Similarly to Waste, F*ck it I love you is a song about having such strong feelings for someone that you don’t care what happens or what they do you are still going to love them. To me its a song about unconditional love and lends itself so much to my own feelings and own relationship. Knowing we both have problems and seeing past all that and saying I love you anyway.

Crocodile Rock – Taron Egerton (The Rocketman Soundtrack)

So this quickly and firmly became my favourite movie this year. I absolutely love Elton John as a style icon just as much as a musician and singer and love the original version of this song, however its the movie version that I have on repeat. From it’s slow start and the way Taron drags out the lyrics and makes it sound like a romantic story before punching all the original energy into the song and more to provide a beautiful rendition of an iconic song. Not to mention it always conjures the imagery from the film and it really is an epic scene, set in the troubadour with the whole audience lifting off the feet, just magic and it always makes me happy.

Grab Life – Jerry Williams

A happy feel good and inspiring song but an amazing up and coming artist who comes from Portsmouth just up the road from where I live. This is a song about grabbing life and going out and getting what you want and always makes me feel happy and inspired and makes me want to get the most out of life. My favourite lyrics is “Soon enough now you’ll be dead, don’t watch the sunshine from your bed”. Also if you have the chance listen to her cover of Human by the Killers, it’s just absolutely breathe taking and a contender for my first dance song at my wedding.

Seven Wonders – Fleetwood Mac

One evening at work I was listening to a song on the radio which featured a very similar riff to that which heavily features in this iconic song and which went on to trigger this song being stuck in a loop on my brain for 3 days straight. Being made even more iconic by American Horror Story’s Coven its the perfect song for this time of year for all those whimsical witchy vibes not to mention its just a killer song with picturesque lyrics.

Killer Queen – Queen

I re-watched Bohemian Rhapsody recently now it’s out on Sky Movies and this song is just one of those that sticks out for me. I find myself religiously singing the opening lines on repeat, especially when in the shower (hey who doesn’t love thinking of champagne). This is a song that just makes me feel powerful, badass and like I am a Killer Queen, plus Freddie’s vocals are always a dream to listen to.

Matador – Red Rum Club

This is actually the name of the album because I couldn’t pick just one song. Its modern indie rock with a Mexicana flare. Every song is like a piece of art to my ears with most of the credit needing to go to their incredible trumpet player Joe Corby. With guitar riffs that song like they should be in a spaghetti western this is deffo a band you want to listen out for if you like your music to have a modern yet retro flare.

So that’s it, just some of the music I have had on repeat for the last couple of months. For a full playlist of my repeat songs head over to my Spotify where you can also find my definitive 2019 playlist, my Golden Tunes playlist featuring many tunes from decades past but most of all my Bring It All Back playlist featuring tunes from the 90s, 00s & Now.

:Let me know what songs you’ve been listening to on repeat in the comments below. Until next time…