I have been to Barcelona twice previously over the last 10 years but I have to say this trip was my favourite so far. It was the best in part due to how I viewed the trip, through the lenses of my two film cameras. I absolutely love shooting on film, not just because of the look of the pictures when you get them back, but also for how it makes you live in the moment more. Every shot counts with film meaning you curate your image more meaning you spend less time photographing the same thing multiple times and spend more time in the moment. You also can’t spend endless time looking back at those photos during that trip instead having to wait until you get back so savour those shots more.

The images I took also reflect my trip differently due to my love with the street photography style of photography, meaning I spent less time taking touristy pictures that are already in their abundance online and instead focused on the everyday things within the city such as people and the streets. Here are just a few of my favourite snaps I took in the city.

Come back soon for some beach and theme park highlights from the Salou part of our trip coming soon.

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