So suddenly we find ourselves in September… What? I know how did that happen. August and therefore the summer flew by like the blink of an eye and now the kids are going back to school and TK Maxx is plugging all the Halloween merch it can before even the supermarkets start getting in their first few bits for Christmas. Yes Christmas it comes around quicker and quicker with every year, take it from someone who has worked in the customer facing industry for 5 years now. So when better to look back at some of the goals I set back in January and maybe set a few new ones, than with the turn of the season.

So lets start with looking back at my goals I set at the beginning of the year and see how I’m getting on.

Goal one

To exercise more and eat healthier so I can drop a dress size or two by June so I can fit back into my summer wardrobe. (Also it will help with my mental health.)

Back at the beginning of the year my wonderful Mother in Law to be signed me up for a 6 week challenge with her fitness group she goes to. This was amazing for helping me get the fitness bug and really think about what I’m eating to keep my body healthy and my weight in check. Although I became ill and had quite the blip in the middle of the challenge I had still lost an inch or so off my middle and around my neck which made me feel amazing. However once the challenge was over the exercising stopped and so did watching what I ate and although I still felt okay by the time my holiday came around looking back at photos its safe to say I am still not happy with my weight. However seeing my soon to be Brother In Laws body transformation over the last year it has really encouraged me to pull my finger out and get back on this, because even though the new season means layering up and covering up I still want to feel happy with how my body looks when I take my clothes off at the end of the day.

goal two

Have a set routine for bedtime and waking up so I sleep better and can make the most of a day using the extra time to fit in those things I say “I wish I had more time for…” (This will also help with my mental health.)

Its safe to say this one has not gone well at all and is one of those goals that forever haunts me when I go to bed at night. Unable to sleep, I am stuck in a cycle in my head thinking about the alarm I have set at 10 am to make me actually wake up for at least some of the morning (it’s got to start somewhere). I then finally get to sleep at 4am only to turn that 10am alarm off when it starts blaring out the That 70s Show theme tune and continuing to sleep until noon, therefore screwing my chances of going to sleep at a reasonable time the next night even more. Although my new work hours allow me to fulfil the second part of this goal so I can sort of say I make better use of my free time, I think the sleep routine part of this will forever be doomed until I have kids. I am just a nocturnal vampire and I have to embrace that, much to Ben’s dismay.

Goal Three

To finish reading 1 book a month (so I can make a dent in my to be read pile and make the most of all those books I bought 4 years ago)

This one has been a slow burner not really taking effect until June however I am currently on my 5th book in the space of 4 months so I may make up the 12 yet. As for reading the books I already own, lets just say I am yet to go back to my parents house to go through all the books there and bring the ones I actually want to read home and sell the others. I have however found my reading tastes have matured slightly not opting for the abundance of Young Adult fiction I loved just a couple of years ago instead preferring more adult rock and roll inspired literature. I have done a separate post all about the books I read over the summer which you can read here.

Goal four

To get a new higher paying more reliable job so I am no longer worrying about money and have some savings to put towards the next chapter in my life. (a big Disney World holiday, a wedding & an actual house) I would like to also make a note here that this is definitely one of those vague goals seeing as realistically all those things won’t happen for another 2-3 years so specifically by December 2019 I would like to have paid off my credit card and saved at least £750.

This one was a big goal so lets break it up into parts. Let’s start with the job. After a year of working in the café with no contract, unreliable hours and strict guidelines I was forced to leave at Easter due to a dispute over holiday (I am sorry but you cannot refuse to let your staff have holiday during 8 out of the 12 months of the year because you deem it as your busy period.) I was very fortunate however because my second job I had taken the summer before when I was losing out on hours and rent money, were able to offer me more hours, matching what I should have been doing all along.

Knowing I now have a steady income coming in as well as amazing tips on top of that, it’s like a wave of relief has washed over me in the finance department knowing I will always have enough money for my rent and my phone and car insurance bills. My next step now is just to get better at the saving bit as I currently have no money in my savings. Well I had a little bit but I used it to finally finish my tattoo which had been sat unfinished for 3 years, but alas I no longer need to even worry about that now and can put all my tips into our lifetime ISA for our house in a couple more years.

Right so its clear that some of these goals still need a little work thus I will keep at them but here’s a couple of new ones for the new season to add into the mix.

Write more. I have so many ideas and a long list of posts I really want to write. Not to mention I think I have really found my voice in writing, much more than I ever did when making YouTube videos. So for the actual goal I want to get at least 1 post up a week going forward and if I get up any extras I will be very proud of myself.

And the other is to stop spending and start saving. I am a sucker for buying myself things when I am feeling a bit crappy or when I believe I have enough money to do so, however if I keep this up there will be not enough money for a house when we want one, little money for a wedding and I will definitely have to kiss goodbye to a Disney Moon.

So there we have my new season goal. What are yours? Let me know in the comments below.

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