I have always been a bit of a book worm however over the last few years my reading habits have become a bit, well none existent. Always taking a book away on holiday and never really reading it or finishing the book, falling back in love with reading then not continuing to read. Lets just say the last couple of years have seen a few books being left on my bedside table with a bookmark stuck half way through and never moving further. That is until this summer. The reading bug is back with a vengeance and I really want to share my thoughts on some of the books I have been enjoying lately.

Lets start with the book that kicked off this reading frenzy, Crazy Rich Asians. I had seen the film adaption around a year before and had fallen in love, wanting to buy up the book series on the spot and binge the lot immediately wanting to know what was in store for the characters next. I then went on to have the series sat in my amazon wish list for around a year when I came across the first instalment in one of the cheaper book shops in town whilst hunting for some books to take on my summer holiday with me.

Ashamedly it looked like it was going to be the case of another partly read book having only read 2 chapters on the 3rd day of the trip, until it came to the last day. With no theme park tickets and no hotel room anymore all we could do was sit out by the pool. So I started to read and then I couldn’t stop reading. Even when stuck at the airport that evening for 2.5 hours I carried on reading until I was well past the half way point of the book.

Having already seen the movie it was easy for me to follow on the story line, the added Chinese words and phrases added in with the explanations at the bottom to give context were really insightful and even made me hungry for foods I hadn’t even heard of before.

If you’re looking for a fish out of water romance with a whole lot of luxury thrown in this is the book for you. Full of just as many heart warming moments as heart breaking this is a book not to be missed. Be warned though there are few shock moments mixed in amongst the laugh out loud.

Next up is a book which came as one of the many reading recommendations from my favourite blogger and human Megan Ellaby. I devoured this book in the space of two days, even staying up until 4 in the morning at times unwilling to break myself away from this gripping tale. As we know I have fallen in love with all things 70s and absolutely love the music from that decade, particularly the more rock ‘n’ roll artists, so when I read the blurb for this I was instantly hooked. Then when I opened it up to find it was written as an interview with the band, well as I’ve already said I flew through the pages.

Daisy Jones as a character is captivating and following the highs and lows of the band is nothing less than thrilling even if it does all end in tragedy. Taylor Jenkins Reid is an amazing writer and I cannot wait to read more of her books. I am just longing for the day the TV show is created so I can finally listen to the songs they talk so much about. If you are looking for sex, drugs and rock and roll this book will not disappoint.

Next is a book that has been on my radar ever since Carrie Hope Fletcher did her video about her top 10 reads or something like that, it was filmed so long ago now I cannot remember. When its described to you with the words “What do you do when your boyfriends mum offers you £10,000 to break up with him?” you’re kind of entreguied. It is chick lit pure and simple and such an easy read. There are so many twists in the book and so many characters stories to delve into, it’s really got something for everyone.

Although maybe a less challenging read it is easy to get through and I read it within a week. Not so compelling that it keeps you up until the wee hours of the morning but a lovely read to get you to sleep all the same.

Lastly is a book by an author I have simply become obsessed with since reading this and rediscovering her work. From the title, to the special edition purple cover with a leopard print coat wearing girl, I was hooked. Then I read the blurb and discovered it was set during the music scene of the 90s about a music journalist finding her way in London I just had to get it. I am not gonna lie there are naughty bits galore in this but her laid back and open writing style captivates me and inspires me. Moran doesn’t just use this as a fiction piece but rather an amplified way of talking about real feminist issues, from scummy men who want to take advantage of young girls in the industry to self exploration and female masturbation. Not to mention the just random sh*t thrown in there at the time for character developement such as the title character painting her walls a specific blue to copy David Bowie in The Sound of Vision. I loved this book, and although it’s technically a sequel to her first book, How to Build a Girl, which I have still yet to read, I didn’t at any point feel like I was missing a part of the story making it great as a stand alone as well as a part of a series. Probably my favourite book so far this year.

So there we have my recent reading exploits. I am so happy to be reading again and immersing myself in these different world, creatively charging myself and encouraging myself to write again. If you’ve read any of these books let me know in the comments below and if you are intrigued by any of these books pick one up and give it a go, I promise you won’t be disappointed.

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