Hello one and all, and welcome to my brand new blogging alter ego… Rock’n’Roll Madona. I’ve wanted to start taking my blog and writing more seriously for a while now but have always struggled on what I wanted to post, say and create. I feel like over the last few months things have really been falling into place for me when it comes to my creative pursuits and have really helped me to discover who I am.

Although I only rebranded the other month it was more about the decisions over how I wanted my content to look and feel that really spurred on taking on this alter ego. From finding my love of photography (in particular film photography), being in love with everything old school and retro, to rediscovering my love of clothes and styling. Not to mention just finding my voice and having different opinions on things that I wanted to share that wasn’t just clothing or beauty like the usual blogger. Finally at the age of 23, almost two years after my counselling, I feel like I finally know who I am.

The inspiration for the name comes from a song by one of my all time favourite artists Elton John and was only encouraged more by my love of the RocketMan movie and soundtrack, which has been stuck playing on a loop in my head for the last 3 months since I first saw it. That mixed in with my love for all things old school rock and roll from the 60s and 70s which the above look would have no trouble fitting in for sure, ticking all those glam rock boxes.

So here’s to all the good content I have planned which I can’t wait to share with you and here’s to the birth of Rock’n’Roll Madona!

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