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October 2019


The Jacket That Changed My Life (Featuring the dress of dreams)

There is no doubt in my mind that this is my go to outfit of the moment and that means a lot when coming from someone who just a year ago was afraid of wearing maxi dresses. But this isn't just any old dress, this is dress is my modern 70s dream come to life. From the print, to the tiers to the puffy sleeves. This is definitely my proudest purchase of the year.[...]


I Can’t Stop Listening to These Songs

I have always prided myself on listening to music and artists that are different to what everyone else is listening to. Whether that's because the artist is new and up and coming or just because I like old music and iconic songs from decades past. So here is just an insight into some of the songs that have been on repeat for me recently. Waste - Dove Cameron[...]


The BEST Life Advice from S Club 7

Growing up as a child in the late 90s and early 00s, I spent my fair share of times listening to and dancing about my bedroom to pop groups. From belting out the girl power lyrics from the Spice Girls whilst jumping on my bed to copying the dance routines from my favourite Steps videos, it was a big part of my childhood. But as a young child although I could sing[...]